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Convertible Top Replacement and Repair

In the Southeast, convertible tops require replacement every 5 to 6 years. The material weakens due to UV exposure, rear windows delaminate or fog up, threads unravel. You car starts to look older than its years.

So, when it’s time to replace the top on your convertible, Davis is the place to go. Our team of experts will install a quality original replacement top that looks and operates as good as OEM (original) on any convertible make and model. Most installations take just one (1) day, and all Davis tops carry a three-year warranty.

In addition to providing professional top installation, we can address most convertible frame, weather-strip and hydraulic repairs as well. Davis can replace worn or damaged rubber, pump motors and cylinders. We fill and bleed systems and even do metal work on broken top frames. We sandblast rusted areas and powder coat your frame to like-new condition.

Call or write us for a quote for your car. We do them all. We offer same-day service on 90% of top replacements.

At Davis Seat Covers and Automotive Interiors, we specialize in convertible top installation.
Our team of trained experts will install a quality replacement top that operates as well as the original.
We work with any make and model convertible top and most installations take just one day to complete.

Leather Interior Restoration and Upgrade

Leather Repair
It takes knowledge, experience and the care of a professional trimmer to properly repair leather seats. Not all worn leather seats need to have the entire seat upholstery replaced. At Davis, we can remove and replace individual sections of worn leather as needed. We have provided this service for years on brand new cars such as Cadillac, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes, etc., under dealer warranty. Trust the people that the dealerships trust. Imagine how good your seat would look without that worn hole from your belt hitting it.
  • Vinyl and leather repair
  • Vinyl and leather dying
  • Custom leather kits
  • Seat repairs:
    • Seat frame repaired or replaced
    • Foam pads rebuilt
    • Foam supports replaced
    • Electric seats repaired
We will repair, upgrade, and restore your leather seats to their full potential, leaving them in showroom condition.
It takes a fully knowledgeable and the experienced care of a professional trimmer to properly repair leather seats.
Davis can restore your leather interior to showroom condition. Regardless of make and model, Davis uses the correct leather for your car, sewn to exact specifications and fitted by our craftsmen. We even have “budget” leather interiors that look great at reduced prices and use vinyl in areas that used to be all leather. Check us out! Your leather interior will be back to new in a day or two.
Leather restoration, leather upgrades
No matter what make and model vehicle we are working with, we will use the correct leather for your car, sewn to exact specifications and fitted by our very own craftsmen.
Upgrade to Leather
Have a new vehicle or one needing a face lift? Davis has a leather interior for you. Upgrading to leather is more reasonable than ever. It adds value to your car, van or truck. Personalize your ride to make it yours. Two-tone interiors, embroidery and hot new colors are available too. You design it; Davis can make it happen.
Do you have a particular look or design in mind? Let us know! You design it and Davis can make it happen.
We offer a wide range of two-tone interiors, embroidery, and hot new colors to choose from!

Headliner Repair

Do you have a particular look or design in mind? Let us know! You design it and Davis can make it happen.
Oh, Those Drooping Headliners!
Headliners: that thing on the roof of your car. It is part of your car’s interior trim, finishing the roof panel and providing heat and noise insulation. Most current model cars have a headliner consisting of a molded cardboard-like board with a foam-backed nylon material laminated to it.
Why Headliners Fall
With age, the foam rubber backing on the material begins to deteriorate and eventually crumbles. The nylon then bubbles and finally falls. Original equipment manufacture (OEM) headliners typically begin to fail in 8-10 years. When this happens, you may notice other interior pieces such as sun visors, rear quarter (sail) panels, and post pees by the windshield begin to wrinkle too. These parts are typically covered in the same material and experience the same problem.
The craftsmen at Davis are experts at removing and replacing car interiors. We meticulously remove the affected parts, clean off all rotten foam and reapply new headliner fabric. We are careful to use materials that match your car’s original interior with new foam backing in order to give you the OEM look and maximum life expectancy you would expect from a new headliner. Davis warranties headliners for three full years.
You don’t have to be victim to the drooping headliner! Davis can help.
Our expert craftsmen will meticulously remove the affected parts, clean all rotted foam and reapply new headliner fabric.
The headliner is part of your car’s interior trim, finishing the roof panel and providing both heat and noise insulation.
Most headliner replacements take 2-3 hours (a half day) to do and carry the Davis three-year warranty.

Custom Seat Covers and Dash Caps

Custom Seat Covers
Davis Seat Cover Mfg Co. makes custom seat covers specifically tailored to your car or truck for that perfect fit.
Seat Savers will keep your original seat covers looking like new and will protect the interior from spills, stains and cigarette burns! Front and rear Seat Savers are removable, washable, durable, poly/cotton in fashionable styles. Custom logos are available.

Each pattern is hand-crafted by skilled designers to the exact year, make, model and seat style for each specific vehicle. It is then transferred to a computer-aided digital imaging system to be cut to a precise, custom-tailored, glove-fitting design. Each design is created to fit every seat's unique specifications, with elaborate pattern contours which do not affect your actual seat's current functions. Sewn-in, color-coordinated, overlapped, double-seam stitching offers outstanding durability. A large reinforced pocket offers rear storage and all openings are reinforced for added protection, offering a beautiful look while protecting your vehicle's interior.

custom tailored seat covers

Durable, breathable fabric is available in 12 solid factory colors to match most interiors. Also, fashionable Hawaiian prints in 7 colors and a camouflage print are also available to really customize the look of your vehicle's interior!

You'll be impressed with the superb quality, ideal fit and ease of installation. Front and rear seat covers are available for most makes and models. Rear seat covers for SUVs and minivans are also available. Most sets offer complete function of all special features, storage and utility areas. 

Options also include two-tone combinations and custom-embroidered logos. Check our prices!

Dash Caps

Davis carries dash caps and door panels for more than 300 models of cars and trucks!
Restores Dashboard to Original Beauty!
A dash cap is a procession-formed plastic dashboard cover that quickly slips over the existing dash. Permanent installation takes just a few minutes, and the results are beautiful. No more cracks, splits or tears. The dash cap brings back the beauty of original equipment without needless expenses.
Looks Like Original Equipment
Care and attention are given to duplicating original equipment contours and style liners. Full, deep material returns extend into, and on some models under, instrument panels, vents, radio speakers, glove compartments and trim molding. Radio speakers' holes are sized and patterned to match or enhance original equipment.
No more cracks, splits, or tears ...
DASH-CAP brings back the beauty of original equipment without needless expense.
Over 300 models! Call for Pricing!

Products for Volkswagens & Car Care Supplies

volkswagen interiors and accessories, seat covers, volkswagen seat covers

At Davis Seat Covers & Automotive Interiors, we offer interiors and accessories for Volkswagen Beetles, Karmann Ghias, Rabbits and Cabriolet. We offer the following in interiors and accessories for your VW:

  • Seat covers
  • Carpet sets
  • Door panels
  • Convertible tops
  • Rubber seals
  • Replacement wooden bows
  • And more!

No job is too big or small for Davis Seat Covers & Automotive Interiors. Contact us today. Let us show you why we have been trusted by so many for more than 70 years.

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